Setting 'Walk Mode' as default

  • Is there a way to set Walk Mode as the default movement setting when doing a VR walkthrough of an architectural model using Enscape and Revit? My team has a series of views saved in Revit that we are switching between, and the controls default to Fly Mode after every switch. We would like to avoid having to go to the settings and having to manually select Walk Mode every time. I could not find something on these forums or elsewhere online. Appreciate the help. Thanks.

    Set up:

    Oculus Rift Headset

    Oculus Touch Controllers

    Revit 2017.2

    Enscape 2.3

  • Hi EA-user , thank you very much for your inquiry.

    First off, in case you weren't aware already, you can just press the "X" button on the left Oculus Touch controller to toggle between Walk- and Flymode. Are you using our "Presentation Mode" in VR to switch between views, or is another person changing the views via the Enscape ribbon directly?

    Furthermore, we enable Flymode when you switch to another view, because otherwise, if the view location is higher up in the project, lets say a few meters for example, you'd fall to the ground immediately, because you'd still be in Walkmode.

    If you still like me to file a feature request to not switch into Flymode everytime you change the view, please kindly let me know. :)

  • Thanks for the tip about using the X button. That shortcut had escaped us.

    Automatically falling to the ground when switching between views is something that personally is not a big deal for me or my team, as that is what happens anyway when we manually switch from fly to walk during the course of a client-controlled VR walkthrough via the in-VR Enscape menu. Of course, that is our personal take; others may find it jarring.

    Gadget's suggestion of having the view mode saved as part of the view itself is one we have thought of as well, and it seems sensible to us. It makes sense to have certain saved/default settings for a specific view if the design of that specific interior space will change over the course of a design phase, for example.