Geofencing capabilities

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  • It would be useful if there was the option to set geo-fencing capabilities within an architectural model, so that if we are using multi-user VR during a client presentation, users who may be new to VR do not accidentally teleport themselves a mile down the road. Such a capability would also come in handy if, say , part of a project is still under development and not ready to be seen. In such a scenario, keeping users' movements limited to "permitted" areas would be a handy feature to have.

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    Hey EA-user , would what Gadget has proposed be sufficient enough to achieve what you're looking for, or would you still like me to file your wish as a dedicated feature request? :)

    Please kindly let me know.

  • Thank you both.

    While Gadget's suggestion is indeed promising, I generally tend to favor built-in functions rather than workarounds, as experimenting with built-in tools sometimes gives you the ability to be surprised by creative uses of that tool beyond its original intended capabilities. And of course, the former also gives you the certainty that you will achieve what you want on the first try, rather than the trial-and-error process that might be fun on those days you have the time, but can be cumbersome on days you simply want to get a model out the door.

    With the transparent wall component option, I would also worry about the extra work that might be associated with modeling all those perimeter volumes/surfaces, potential issues with z-fighting, and the risk you take with visualization if the material settings do not allow the invisible surfaces to disappear 100% despite the correct material settings. It seems simpler to be able to draw boundary lines in a plan view in a dedicated Enscape tool, for example, than to deal with all those things I mentioned separately.

    So yes, Demian. If the Enscape team has the time to accommodate this feature in a future release, I think it would be a useful addition to the Enscape experience.

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    EA-user , thank you for the explanation. I can understand the reason for why you'd like to see this implemented, but instead of a dedicated plan view, wouldn't it be more practical, if you could just draw these boundary lines in our mini-map instead? This would allow you to also quickly check for any boundaries around you by just clicking "M". :)

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    Hey EA-user, I've filed your feature request accordingly. Thank you again for your feedback. :)

  • Reactivating this old thread...
    One up from my side on being able to geofence. Demian Gutberlet

    I just tried the wall workaround. It only works for me as long as I run the VR session straight from the modeling software (Rhino+Enscape) but it does not work when exporting a standalone. Here it does not matter if I fly or walk, I straight go through the boundary. That is unfortunate.

    We often times run our VR scenes form standalones because of packaging of all textures and easier distribution if the VR session is not inhouse. The opportunity for the boundary wall/geofence is an absolute must have. Please include in future release.