Enscape not releasing control of Spcaemouse

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  • The latest Enscape release holds control of my Spacemouse and only allows it to work in the Enscape render window and not in SketchUp at the same time. Used to be able to flip between windows just fine and this was an issue in a prior Enscape release I believe. I have to exit Enscape and SketchUp and reload everything if I want to use it in the SketchUp window again...that is, until I load Enscape again which hold control of it again. Pretty frustrating since I switch between windows frequently when modeling/designing.

    The 3DConnection app shows "Trimble SketchUp" and doesn't switch back and forth as expected.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Enscape version: 3.2.0+62705 (11/19/21 build date)

    SU version: 21.1.332


  • Yes, I have the issue as well.

    These are not solutions, but better than having to restart Sketchup every time:

    1. In the Enscape window you can click the "Settings" button, go the "Input" tab and uncheck "Enable SpaceMouse". This will release the SpaceMouse to be used in Sketchup, and you will have to re-check "Enable SpaceMouse" if you want to use it in Enscape again.

    2. Uncheck "Enable SpaceMouse" as above, but also enable "Synchronize Views" in Sketchup. In this way you can use SpaceMouse in both Sketchup and Enscape, without the need to keep checking and unchecking that option, but the views in Sketchup and Enscape will be in Sync (which you might not want) and it is also more taxing on your system, so depending on how powerful system you have, and how complex your model is, the movements might not be as smooth.

  • Curiously, the Spacemouse works in other open windows/instances of SketchUp when this happens.

    I'll give #1 a try since #2 is not my preferred way of working in SU or Enscape unless I'm setting scenes. Thanks again!

    *I've sent a ticket to support but haven't heard back yet.

  • Problem solved ---> back to 3.1 for me.