Pre-recorded walkthroughs

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  • I would love to be able to capture and share pre-recorded walkthroughs to review with clients and colleagues in a VR environment.

    To clarify, I don't mean a screen-recording or simple video. I'm referring to a pre-recorded VR tour along a set path.

    I was thinking something along the lines of a 3-5 minute prerecorded path/flythrough (possibly with some textual or auditory informational overlay/narration, e.g. "This is the proposed new wing as viewed from the west. Look to your left, and you will see the new lobby.") that you can then share with a client for them to watch on their end. Almost like a VR video they can “inhabit”. They would obviously need their own VR equipment, but it would be nice to be able to achieve this guided tour without any complicated procedures like tethering via Prospect.

    Background for this question/request:

    I was looking through the Rhino model we recently submitted for a competition, and experiencing it through the Enscape/Oculus lens really made the spaces come alive, and allowed the subtler complexities of the design to shine.

    Which got me thinking about how great it would be if the client could experience a virtual walkthrough of the whole project without having to do anything more than putting on a VR headset -- no having to learn how to use the controllers, no having to need someone from our office to hold their hands or act as their guide. Just put on a headset, and experience a curated, pre-recorded VR walkthrough.

  • My idea would be to 'lock' the camera position to the path defined by an animation (The position only: direction the camera is facing would default to the saved view, but not be tied to it.) In this mode your forward/back navigation moves you down the pre-defined path rather than changing your camera position.

    Preview could then have three settings:

    - Preview for export (as it is just now)

    - Preview for demonstration (loops the preview without user input: forward/back changes the play speed and 'fly mode' pauses.)

    - Preview for walk-through (sets to 'rollercoaster' mode)

    Would also like to be able to see/overlay multiple paths on the same model at the same time, then be able to select the one to preview.

  • EA-user So it sounds like a 360 Video would suite your needs. Comparable to a guided VR tour including a prepared audio line.

    Gadget what are the exact differences between your three previews technical/usage based.

  • Setup and creating the path would be identical: The only difference is in the controls when 'using' the preview - they are all just different user interfaces for displaying the same model.

    - Preview for demonstration: to be used for showrooms, window dressing, exhibitions, reception TVs, preview and wrap-up presentations, ... something to run in the back-ground that you can interrupt and go into the model. When it's stopped the path turns off and you go into normal walk-through mode. I'm thinking it's a quicker and flexible way of actually producing videos, they can last longer, be quickly changed, eliminate the render stage, are contained within the one program... etc.

    (It would be nice if the current preview did this; I think that would blur the lines even more between the creative 'editing' process and the presentation - whether this is a good or bad thing I don't know..)

    - Preview for walk-through: a basic VR experience like you can download for cardboard - a rollercoaster ride where you are basically a passenger and can look around as you are moved through the model. With embedded audio this could be used for VR tours where you can control what the client sees/looks at and where they go in your model. Purely for presentation purposes; a moving form of panorama.

  • I agree a roller coaster mode in real time would be a great addition.

    A 360video could achieve a similar end result but the downside is it is precaculated and not interactive.

    We are often turning elements on and off to view design options or opportunities.

    We often get clients to just headset it and we navigate the journey and view locations, this controls the narritive and keeps them focused on the outcome.

    In free roam its far to easy for them to go off track.

    with a 360video the need to prerender these seems to becoming bit of a old school method of output given the quality of realtime and where it is headed.

  • I like the idea of a 360° video because:

    * runs on any hardware

    * no exe needs to be started on the client side (security restrictions)

    * advantage: client can't go through walls, only the recorded path is possible

    A good coded 360° player could allow a walk through feeling. Also I hope it could be possible to jump between several videos per button menu (during the position is kept) so that the different version of a space can be showed. Also predefined positions could be saved and recalled. So, finally the 360° video could be something like a continuous VR tour, something between Pano VR tours and real time model experience. Sound like a great tool.

  • Micha  DC8Studio Thanks for your feedback. I've added it to our existing story.

    A 360° video will be a good and easy to use entry into VR.