I really like the Panorama Gallery! .... just a few small issues / wishes

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  • First - this is simply one of the best tools for presenting projects for clients - easy to setup and easy to use!!

    I only have a few small issues

    - it would be nice to be able to pin the images at the bottom

    - others users simply don't the see images at the bottom, images might be pinned as defalut?

    - when using an ipad, it's not always positive that we have to move the ipad around to see the images. When we sit to a meeting, with people around the table, and the ipads is laying on the table and we stream to a monitor on the wall, or we all just look at the ipad it feels very awkward to need to swing the ipad around in the air. Can we have a navigation option, to navigate just like we do with the mouse when using a pc, but on the ipad using a finger.