VR: Controller related bug - Model Invisible (like a section plane has spawned and attached to headset).

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    Hey pete_nz , thanks a lot for your report.

    That really does not look right of course - Can you please let me know whether or not the project is on the larger side? It looks small to me judging by the video, but just to make sure. Does reducing the project size change this behavior at all? And I suspect this issue does not persist outside of VR?

    In any case, please also send us a Feedback Report as detailed here so that we can have a look at your logs and overall machine specs.

    Meanwhile, feel free to also make sure that you've installed our latest hotfix release that came out on the 17th and also acquire + install the latest drivers for your GPU accordingly, making sure to download them from either the NVIDIA or AMD homepage directly depending on the model of your GPU.

  • Hey Demian,

    Thanks, I've already sent feedback from within Sketchup's Enscape plugin and I included a URL to this thread post. Not sure what constitutes 'large' but I've included a screenshot of the overall model. The structure at the origin is the only area of detail. I reduced the scene (see second screenshot) to just that room and the issue persisted.

    I also made a test scene that consisted solely of a 100m2 ground plane and a 1x1m cube and still have the same issue.

    Just a side note - I got an email from customer support asking me to try and download the latest Enscpae version and Nvidia drivers, just CX thing - shouldn't it be part of my log that I'm already on the latest version and driver? The email also said that my "crash" might be solved in the latest release (my issue isn't a crash). This kind of customer support response doesn't bother me so much personally, but I'm sure it would bother other people. Just thought I'd raise that since I'm in a CX role and I'd hope someone would give that kind of feedback to me.

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    Hey pete_nz , I'm sorry about the confusion - My colleague will receive the reply you've sent in the created case as well. Furthermore, in this case, though the Feedback Reports state that you were still using an outdated version of 3.2. Just to make sure in this case then, could you kindly also uninstall any version of Enscape currently on your machine and then reinstall 3.2.0+65063? You mentioned you have that version installed in the case, but there might've been some installation issues, as the logs/feedback info does not usually display the installed Enscape release incorrectly.

    If that does not resolve any of the particular issues of yours at hand, feel free to mention it in your next e-mail to my colleague in the case as well, so that we can file and forward a bug report for this.

    Thank you again in advance!

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    Thank you as well pete_nz . Unfortunately, this seems to be a problem that has to be analyzed by our developers so we'll create a dedicated bug report for it accordingly. I really appreciate your cooperation in this as well as your patience.