"Overwrite existing" image crashes SU

  • (SU Enscape-Setup-

    When using the Screenshot(to file) button to export an image, if there is an existing image you are trying to over-write SU crashes.

    {edit}... I may have jumped to conclusions...

    {edit}... computer re-boot has fixed it; sorry - please delete this thread.

    {edit}... or not: I managed to overwrite 1 image, then on trying to overwrite the next one it crashed again. If I delete the image first, then it seems to be OK as long as I don't delete it from the 'save -as' explorer dialogue.

    {edit}... It seems that it's only this one model... I'll raise a ticket.


  • Gadget sounds like an typical access violation issue of windows.

    • Does it occur in the previous versions as well if you downgrade?
    • Does it occur on other windows profiles/workstations as well?
  • Only happens on Enscape-Setup- Only really have the one workstation to work with it on.

    Happened again (on a new model - also got the displacement of geometry glitch while creating this one) and I re-booted my machine. Managed to get 6 renders out, then it crashed again. The only thing running at the time was Enscape and SU (as well as the AV and rest of junk windows loads on startup).

    I installed Enscape-Setup- - crashed.

    then Enscape-Setup- - Exported OK.

    Re-installed Enscape-Setup- - crashed.

    back to Enscape-Setup- - All OK. I'm sticking with this one just now.

    (No re-boot between these - just loading over the top of the previous versions)

  • Gadget Thanks a lot for your research. Our developers will have a look into it.