A SketchUp Plugin for managing Enscape Lightings within Dynamic Componants

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  • Hello,

    An interesting plugin presented in here attached video link, in which we can find special functions for managing Enscape Lightings within SketchUp Dynamic Componants.

    6 functions are included and presented to configure Enscape light sources in Sketchup via formulas in dynamic components.

    The first 5 manage the different types of source (Point-light, Spot-light, Linear-light, Rectangular-light and finally Disk-light) on their geometry and their light power in candela or lumen depending on the type of source.

    The latter function applies a material to the light source according to the kelvin temperature of the source.

    These 6 new DC functions writen by the french Simon Joubert in his sj_AddDCFunctions plugins and in relation with Enscape are :







    Link to the video :

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