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  • I organize all of my scenes in sketchup across my screen in a manner that makes sense for locations I want to see, but not all of them are necessarily in alphabetical order (the only way I can figure out that Enscape will handle order of views in the view management tab). I prefer to navigate my viewports in SU natively over in the enscape preview window, both for the purpose of having them arranged as I prefer, and it feels better to me to have an entirely clean render window, without the view management tab taking up all of that real estate.

    So, the feature request would be that if someone selects a "scene" or viewport in Native SU with the synchronize views button enabled, it would be great to have not only the enscape view change, but the associated linked settings follow as well.

    If there is already a setting that makes this happen, I'd love to hear about it.:sketchup:

  • I requested this feature ages ago but I was told it's not possible.

    You'll have to navigate through your views(scenes) in Enscape to have the visual settings update.

    Also, being able to arrange the Enscape views to match SketchUp would be very useful. We're stuck with alphabetical for now. A quick workaround would be to prefix your SU scene names with ABCD...
    It's slower and like you mention, the View management tab takes up a lot of space.

    I'm sure Enscape can make the View Management tab an independent "pop out" similar to Vis Settings, materials, Asset library, batch rendering etc.???

    The video editor is even more annoying as it takes up real estate on the left and the bottom of the Enscape window.

    Come to think of it, pop out windows for everything please?!