Hiding Shaft Openings In An Enscape View

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  • In a project I am working on, we are utilizing several Shaft Openings in Revit to model where the building will have a large control joint running through it. For Enscape rendering, I have hidden this Shaft Opening element in the view that I export to Enscape. However, when the view opens in Enscape, there is a slice through the floors and ceilings where the Shaft Opening is modeled, even though it is hidden. It doesn't go away unless the Shaft Opening is deleted. We would like to keep the Shaft Opening in the project, because it informs the location of these joints in our details, elevations, etc...but don't want it to show up if we "hide" it in a view exported to Enscape. Perhaps this is a Revit issue more-so than it is an Enscape issue...but is this possible to achieve? Thanks!

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    Hi alex.cheng , thank you for your post and welcome to our forum. ;)

    Just to make sure I followed the same procedure while trying to reproduce your scenario:

    I created a "Shaft Opening" through Revit -> This shaft opening is visible in Revit, as well as in Enscape -> When I hide the shaft opening in Revit, it's still visible in Revit, as well as in Enscape -> This would mean that its a "restriction" of Revit, since Revit itself doesn't hide the shaft opening.

    Thanks in advance for your further feedback! :)

  • This is indeed going to be a restriction of Revit. I don't think there are any workarounds to it as well. Shafts cannot be phased ...

    An alternative would be to not use shafts and use parts instead but that's going to be a lot more work then using shafts...

    Or a more complicated workaround: create an in-place family with voids and make them parametric so you can temporarily move the voids above the building so they don't cut the building anymore.