Vignette - Improvement suggestions

  • Vignette, in past discussion, had a few possible approaches.

    Approach 01: which was accepted, used a black-only vignette. The vignette uses a slider for intensity/transparency and has fixed geometry.

    possible upgrade(s):

    Approach 02 (simplest upgrade): Still use a slider for intensity/transparency, still use a fixed geometry, but give an option to select what COLOR the vignette is. The color we would most often use (besides black) would be white when fading out to white media or backgrounds.

    Approach 03 (more complex): As was suggested, use an image as an overlay. Still use a slider for intensity/transparency. Among other benefits, this would allow the user: 1. to change the shape of the vignette (ie. more masking on the image sides) 2. add foreground effects such as rain or snow.

    Cheers from the Midwest USA.

  • Thanks a lot Nick Curtis , I really appreciate the input.

    I've gladly forwarded all of your Feedback accordingly, as always. :) If you wish to anything else to this or any other topic, let me know.

  • Upvote for being able to use white (or any other color) as the vignette frame. If placing a rendering on a sheet in Revit, it would look better fading out instead of having black blobs as the border. It would also be nice to adjust the target of the vignette center as sometimes the item you want to highlight may not be centered in the image. This could create a scene where the vignette effect would only occur on one side of the image as the other side would be outside the image frame.