Showing hidden "layers" in Enscape

  • Hello guys, (sorry for my English)

    I want create basic animation (in attachment move white box from right to left) with Sketchup plugin "regular polygon - keyframe animation" I made scenes (frames of animaton).

    But if I want render it with Enscape, it showing hidden "layers". Then I must render every scene withou batch renderin & before every render I must click on "Start Enscape " (to resend complete scene to enscape window).

    Start Enscape - all ok

    After change scene all layer are visible (only in enscape, in sketchup:sketchup: is ok)

    It there any solution to batch render with corect layer visiblity?X/

    Thank you for every answer :thumbsup:


    Sketchup 2021

    Enscape 3.2

    Keyframe Animation 2.4

  • Mari94 , welcome to our Forum!

    At least for now this isn't possible since layers cannot be connected to views - Whereas Visual Settings can for example and are taken into account when batch rendering.

    But, feel free to also forward your inquiry to us directly now through our Enscape Public Voting Portal - Now, and in the future whenever you like!

  • I think this is possible. I saw many video on youtube sketchup+KeyframeAnimation+Enscape. There suppose to be an easy setup some how, or just the all 3 software version should be compatible each other. Why on some people computers works and other's not work? It seems to be difference in versions of the programs or something that some of us misses.

    If anyone has any advice, please....

    Thanks guys.