Custom Asset Scaling Issue

  • :sketchup: Hi! I have been trying to figure out for the past day or so why my custom placeholder for an asset I created in the custom asset editor is not scaled correctly.

    I bought a low poly Monterey cypress, set the (z) to 10m, about the height of a fully grown tree. I initially created a custom placeholder in SketchUp Pro 2021. The height of the proxy in the file was 40' US imperial feet. When I place the proxy tree in Sketchup or in Enscape itself, the proxy is only about 10' tall. but when I sync views or accept the changes in Enscape the tree jumps up to its proper height. To try and remedy the issue, I tried creating and exporting a new placeholder in a SketchUp file that used Meters. That also did not work. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get the placeholder to be properly sized/scaled? When working in Sketchup I would love if the placeholder was accurately representative of the rendered tree.

  • Hey brandonyip , I'm sorry to hear about that - Can you perhaps kindly send me the 3D model you've used? This way I can have a look myself - Does this occur only with this specific model/asset or do you experience this with any?