Enscape and Chaos - Merge Announcement!

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  • Welcome to the Chaos world, Enscape. It will be interesting to see how products evolve because of this. I've been a Chaos user for years and use Vray, Corona and now Vantage. Also a Enscape user since my client's are skp users. So good times.

  • Herbo Chaos is pretty good at allowing the companies they either buy or merge with to work as how they've always worked. When they bought Corona, both engines started to share features between each other, but still develop independently. I can see this as win, win. More money for R&D. Features and codes shared to allow for faster or better features. I'm thinking Vantage too, since render times are slow compared to Enscape. Plus there's that missing VR and textures editing component.

  • This is quite an unsettling news to come across just before going to bed. Hoping I don't have a nightmare.

    Enscape, since I came across it 3 years ago, has been on the right track:

    • Real-time visulization speed
    • Uncluttered interface
    • Cross platform (Sketchup,Revit,ArchiCAD,Rhino,Vectorworks) workflow similarity
    • Intuitive components placement, Version 3.2 (which I thought was setting the foundation for having animated components/characters and transitioning same within the Enscpae window)
    • Extremely fast render-time

    And I thought, in due time, more and more strong feature requests will keep being implemented.

    But this ""merger"", at this moment, when I assume there is a ongoing mass exodus of AEC professionals from Chaos products to Enscape, brings in a lot of uncertainty to the already established fast-paced and responsive software development I have experienced with Enscape (while keeping it very easy to use).

    I see Enscape as the PRIZE here and not Chaos (with all due respect for what we achieved with Chaos before Enscape came around). I will try to stay away from assumptions right now as to why this merger may have taken place.

    But for all my rant, please Enscape, always know: You were the PRIZE !!!

  • I don't see Cross-platform support happening anytime soon. Enscape might end up using the existing libraries such as Chaos Cosmos and Vray Materials.

    The development cycle might also improve, so hopefully we can see some critical features being added in the near future (although unlikely if Enscape does not pursue the standalone path).

  • For those who are concerned...Think of it like what's happening with Volvo. They are owned buy a Chinese car company that specializes in EV tech. They allow Volvo to design and work like they always have, but now Volvo has more R&D for EV tech. Hence Polestar.

  • For those who are concerned...Think of it like what's happening with Volvo. They are owned buy a Chinese car company that specializes in EV tech. They allow Volvo to design and work like they always have, but now Volvo has more R&D for EV tech. Hence Polestar.

    Are you sure?

    I have been in this game a long time, seen so many software companies get absorbed, some grow and prosper, and some just die once the larger company annexes their code.

    I hope for the best, I have no issue with the Chaos group and am so glad it ain't Adobe.

    I also hope now that we have more "resources" can we address the video editor and animated objects?

  • Of course no one knows the future. These same concerns came up with the Corona community when they bought out Corona. Corona is still going strong and is my main render engine. I started with Vray, and found that final quality, speed and ease of use was better with Corona. So having them both under the Chaos umbrella has only been a positive experience.

  • I stopped using Enscape because the missing mirror reflections, limited materials and some other limits. I focused me to use V-Ray and try to forget the easy and fast usage of Enscape, since my customer needs full quality and it's a big problem, if during a project the customer need something what Ensacpe can't deliver. My hope is that Enscape will get the missing features by the marriage and it could be interesting for me again. Good luck!!!

  • This is very exciting news!

    I have been a fan and advanced user of VRay for about 7 years now, but once I started using Enscape around 5 years ago I have been using it almost exclusively, unless I am occasionally required to use Lumion.

    Enscape is a great product at a reasonable price point, and I appreciate how diligent you are at improving the software with every update.

    Now a bit of background…

    Many decades ago I used a rendering package called Lightscape. Perhaps some older users may remember it. At that time that software was fantastic, even though I always had to render overnight and I could not use my computer for anything else. So much for multitasking in those early Windows NT days.

    Years later Autodesk acquired Discrete, the company that created Lightscape, folded it into its product line and soon it was gone. Nowhere to be seen again.

    I truly hope this Chaos/Enscape merger is mutually beneficial to both parties and many of us keep using Enscape for many years to come, because as much as I like VRay I have become a big fan of the elegant simplicity of Enscape’s interface and the excellent quality of the renderings it is capable of generating.

    I look forward to learning more details in the near future.

  • Autodesk kills a lot of companies they buyout. They don't even talk to each other internally, hence all the legacy bugs that were never fixed. They've never been able to partner with any good rendering companies because of that fact. Mental Ray, Iray, now Arnold have never caught on. I started with Finalrender, went to Vray and now use Corona. Chaos has always made a better product and have become a leader because of the great customer support they offer along with that. So I feel that this merger will bring forward some good improvements and tools for both companies and we, as users will benefit.