Enscape and Chaos - Merge Announcement!

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  • Agreed - Autodesk is a poor example to compare to Chaos Group. Again I believe this will result in a very similar situation when Epic Games acquire TwinMotion.
    I'm under the impression you either, haven't used VRay or had some kind of bad experience?

    I am afraid you are missing the point, but OK. Not important. I would not speculate further and I am optimistic about the merger news in any case.;) By the way, Twinmotion is shaping up to be quite a contender.

  • Ya...if it didn't crash all the time, has a good pathtracer that could interpolate between frames in the animation, has some type of support that includes actual techs from Epic or TM, and if it can manage the same times as Enscape. So far Enscape wins in time and quality.

  • So that is why you stopped issuing education licences 2 months ago?

    I presume this was the best sign that good old times of cheap and affordable Enscape are gone :((

    Anyways - it is your business, our business now is to find your replacement like we did already years ago with VRay.


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    So that is why you stopped issuing education licences 2 months ago?

    I presume this was the best sign that good old times of cheap and affordable Enscape are gone :((

    Anyways - it is your business, our business now is to find your replacement like we did already years ago with VRay.


    We have not stopped issuing Edu licenses - Have you not heard back from us yet? If so, please send me your e-mail used to apply through a DM and I'll have a look. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't gotten a new license from us yet... Allow me to further look into it.

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    What happend with this topic? ....any news? .....nothing at all?????

    You can listen to the linked podcast above - More news to follow soon, but I can assure you there is already a lot of planning going on in the background. Since we're still relatively early in the merge, there'll be a lot more we can share in the near future.

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    please tell me how can i download Enscape 3.3 Preview 5. from VERSION HISTORY i couldn't find it

    You can acquire our latest preview here. The Version history is only for our past releases, not previews.

    To get there, you can also click on the following "here" hyperlink under the release Download page itself:

  • It can be good, but personally from someone who used corona before it got acquired by Chaos Group. Corona is not even a big hitter anymore, and they took some of their ideas to implement into vray.

    Chaos is becoming the Autodesk of the world, and i garantee they will just bury enscape once they get what they want. Everyone here is delusional, as to why Vray would lend their tech, its the opposite.

  • In quite some years now I have abandoned this notion that I have to stay with one product or another, to be loyal user base.

    It is just not something that I should do because all those companies are here to make profit, the bottom line and they will make a decision to meet that one way or another, with a userbase in mind or not. So these days I go with software that gives to me what I need to make my work viable, whether is it my personal business or teaching I am considering, it may be two (or more) different products to meet my students' needs and luckily software today is quite user friendly to not need months to catch up to the new workflow.

  • Everyone is looking for profits - this is nothing new. Problem is when industry is consolidated in hands of few big global players who then can dictate prices and conditions for millions of customers. Vray, Enscape3D and Corona got into hands of TA Associates - private equity group:


    Some people have a big trust in global corporations and love to be their customers having same software, same media, same cloths or same food all around the world - Europe, Asia, Africa or America. I have a trust in small personal enterprises and believe real value is in individuals, not masses. Pity small personal enterprises can't successfully survive even five years (Enscape was founded in 2017) without being assimilated by global players.

  • Those small enterprises often reach a wall when comes to investment funding.

    Even Blender blossomed quicker with all that money from all those big names.

    I just stop believing in small firms becoming a name for themselves with hard work and only their money, in 'the interest of their customers'.

    They just hit that wall and then comes big spender as TAA is and I just can´t blame them for taking up their offer.

    I don´t have trust in big name companies nor I distrust them, I just go with what is viable for me or my students.

    There is nothing I can do to change any of those business decisions that teams like Enscape make.

  • All companies were small at the beginning - but they had environment to grow and create new quality for everyone. Will the world controlled by big players be better environment for them nowadays - who knows. Digital market got definitely more commercialized and profitable than decade or two before and old pioneering times of big choice of free/accessible software like Sketchup are gone.

  • Clearly the current Chaos/Enscape information void lends itself to a great deal of speculative talk fueled by the healthy diversity of many points of view.

    I think the liveliness of the conversations, as entertaining as it is, falls short of addressing the basic concern we all have in common - price strategy after the merger.

    I often wonder whether I will be able to afford Enscape + Chaos in a few years or exclusively rely on my company to provide the necessary software, like is currently the case with Autodesk applications. And I am lucky, my company gladly acquires the resources I need to do my job.

    It is a huge disappointment that after spending thousands of my own dollars on "permanent licenses" one finds the rug pulled under our feet by the pay-as-you-go subscription schemes so ubiquitous these days.

    I get it! It makes sense from a business standpoint (if you are on the corporate side of the equation), for others, especially the small entrepreneurs in the business of visualization, it creates a perpetual need to compete on price until one gets priced out of the market, or worse, people resorting to software piracy.

    The impact of escalating prices is devastating on the small entrepreneurs everywhere and threatens to wipe out many of us who used to earn a side income providing cool looking visualizations after hours.

    That said, I would give Enscape and Chaos the benefit of the doubt and simply wait until better information is made available to the public directly from them.

    In the meantime I keep my Rhino 3D license current and I am sharpening my Blender skills just in case.:)

  • Maybe I was not clear,

    I do not think any opinion, emotional or pragmatic, is wrong. I just stopped putting emotional part of me to the software, or to be completely honest, I start emotionally, but if is for work I cut that part as soon possible so I can see how can I afford it for work. If it's possible then great, if not, then great again, I will move to the next that I can afford. Guess I am OK, since I use Blender also, but there is just no point to lose my sleep thinking about that.

    I just don´t have any influence on it.

    In the last three years all rendering in the School I work part-time is done in Enscape, almost all of my students continue to use it after they leave the school. I know because I do have contact with them from time to time to answer a few questions or to give an advice.

    The day when Enscape is not something they can afford as one person studio I will find something else and make that a part of my curriculum.

    For now Enscape is still the best solution since it¨s integration with Sketchup is excellent, and the price is still good.