question about self illuminating material

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  • Hello a few enscape update ago, the lightning fixtures we made in revit and shown in enscape would always give light in Appearance mode, and if we did switch ti graphics mode it would stays this color/white. now in the last few enscape updates this is not possible anymore for our own famillys. the cube under the desk is from enscape this one got the color i do want to see.

    now the qeustion i have is it still possible in a way to show the lights like in the appearance mode, while using the graphics mode.

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    w.vantussenbroek , welcome to our Forum, and thanks for your inquiry.

    Right away, I would recommend you'll make use of actual light sources in your scene as much as possible - In this case, replacing the ceiling lights with line lights should yield better results. Because as you can see, there is a lot of noise on the floor since only emissive surfaces have been used to light the scene. But, this is usually never something that works out great in the end, emissive lighting simply isn't as accurate as light sources themselves.

    Furthermore, if you wish to make use of more complex materials, which we also recommend, then using the Appearance setting and tab in Revit will yield more realistic results.

    Let me know if you have any further questions or if anything is unclear.

  • Dear Demian,

    thx for the answer.

    i added in the attechments, the materials we use on the moment.

    The 3rd picture is whit a older enscape where we had the option to turn light on and it would stay in the Illumination 'mode'.

    Know i dont know if this was maybe a bug or never intended.

    But whit 12-1 pic the light is illumitated, where if i go graphics it will go off.

    I do gotta say the light we gave it in the revit familly is all good and will give light in dark. But the lightning fixture will go out.

    Like it show in the Pic 12-2.

    Pic 3 is the example i would love to create (again), this because most companys that work in models will have the correct collors in the Graphics view/mode.

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    w.vantussenbroek , pardon if I'm still missing something but, in this case again, why are you not simply making use of the Appearance Material Selection instead of Graphics? As mentioned, using the Appearance selection is what we recommend since it also allows for more complex materials compared to having it set to Graphics only - This is easily identifiable when you check out the Graphics tab of Revit Material Editor itself compared to the Appearance tab. The Appearance tab offers far more advanced material settings and options.

    Perhaps there are some specific reasons as to why that is the case?