Enscape & Sketchup field of view for the scenes not match

  • I created few scenes on the Enscape window at 110 deg FOV, but in the Sketchup windows when I click the scenes, it show 81 deg FOV at the bottom right.

    Question is I want the Sketchup window follow the Enscape, not the opposite, how can I achieve this funciton ?

    It will be great so that I can match up the line drawing & render easily durning the PS process. suggest the grid function not just for video windown as well.

    Other question, how to batch export use the scenes name which already been enter ?

  • Saputra , welcome to our Forum.

    While SketchUp can influence Enscape, Enscape on the other hand can, from a technical standpoint as well, not influence SketchUp when it comes to the FoV. May I ask why you're not simply setting the same FoV in both the views and Enscape, especially if you're going to use a fixed value anyway?

    Also, right now the batch exported renderings name cannot be adjusted in any form just yet (before being exported that is of course) - We are looking into the ability to use view/scene names as well though in the near future, so it's definitely something on our planned agenda.