Enscape colour changing without having anything changed to it??

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  • As title states. Why is the green all the time different when im literaly not changing anything besides the colour of the tower on the right side. Is the time in Enscape moving when nothing is done or what is changing constantly? I cant seem to get one of the same green for the same rendering of the same material at the same time of the day, same colour temperature, same saturation, same lightning settings everything is the same just the towers colour changed. Even the view point hasnt moved a mm.

  • I can't tell what is different from the two images. Please render the same view twice from Enscape so the image size is the same for comparison (not two Revit views that you think are the same). The view extents for the two images (above) are different, making it difficult to understand your issue. If you're rendering two different views with different camera parameters the incoming lighting will be different.