Panorama viewer prototype

  • 2nd test page:

    This one is testing configuration, I'm now able to set title, author, compass, compass, north, initial view, autorotate, autorotate delay.

    I'm putting this aside for now as I'm waiting on a new CMS system I'm helping to beta test. It'll give me the necessary tools to go further.

    The next step will be to be able to simply upload a pano image to a site via drag and drop, change its settings and then display it with those settings. After that ... linking multiple panos via hotspots.

  • This is what I using:

    There's an alternative from Google:, it supports stereo but Google have a habit of either just dropping a service or changing it beyond recognition without much warning so I would normally avoid them.

    Could you throw a link to a stereo pano image (I don't have one to hand) here and I'll have a quick play

  • I've just had a play with the google vrview and its as bad as I thought so I'm not going to bother pursuing it, Pannellum doesn't support stereo and it works for what I want so I'll continue down the non stereo route.

  • Right then, here's the next stage in development:

    ** This is a proof of concept and not a finished product in any way **

    You can now upload pano images and manually set things like autorotate speed etc.

    Click on the 'Admin List' button and then the 'Add a Pano' button. You can then upload an image and give it a name, if you want to edit any of the settings you can do so but be careful not to accidentally add or remove a comma etc.

    For some reason uploading a png is a bit hit or miss but jpg's are fine

    Click the Save button and you'll be returned to the admin List from where you can click on the 'Public List' button to see the panos.

    You can edit any of the panos by clicking on one in the 'Admin List' page

    If you view the page on iOS you'll be able to use the phone/tablet to look around (No idea about Android)

    I have a much better version but its using some beta web stuff so all I can show you is a screenshot of the upload page where its a lot easier to set things like the initial lookat point, autorotate sepeed etc.

    I'm waiting on a new beta to fix a small bug and then I'll be able to tackle hotspots and linking panos.