web standalone export and uplouded 3d panoramas

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  • Hi!

    WEB STANDALONE: I export my renderings to web standalone for an online walkthrough, but it doesn´t export with my ambient settings. It is like that to speed the process up or did I do something wrong?

    A walk throgh web is also pretty slow, how could we speed it up. Does it depends on the webrowser speed or more on the export quality?

    3D PANORAMA: 3d panoramas are somehow too wide, could I affect it and change it, so that would be more realistic, or it just is at it is? :)


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    tjasak , just to make sure I know exactly what you mean, what do you refer to when it comes to "ambient settings"? The Web Standalones in general are on about the same level in terms of Rendering Quality as the Draft mode in Enscape non-web. This means that some features like Global Illumination are disabled which influences the appearance overall greatly.

    When it comes to the panoramas and our viewer, there is currently no way to adjust the field of view of it - You can gladly forward this as a feature request to us though through our Public Voting Portal!

    Additionally, an alternative may be downloading the panoramas and hosting them with a different (web) software where you can adjust the field of view, or where the field of view is generally more narrow.

  • Hi!

    oh yes you´re right, we stabdalone use draft mode! i wwas making a model in high quality mode and wanted to have that quality also in web. Ok then I will check the settings in draft mode, since this quality is exported online.

    About the panoramas, they already look great, but if there are other web softwares for viewing them, I would liek to try, are there any you would recommend? :)

    Thank you for the answers

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    tjasak , you're very welcome.

    One great example mentioned by Forum User Paul Russam , would be:


    This at the very least allows you to adjust the FoV by simply using the mouse wheel. Perhaps creating whole tours may be of interest as well to you now or in the future. :)