Signed Executable Exports or Stand-alone Player

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  • We would love to change the way the stand-alone exports work. As many companies, we have a zero-trust security policy in place. We generally don't allow unsigned .exe files to be run by users and have little to no easy way to allow the unsigned executable to be whitelisted.

    At a base level, it would be great if the exe exports were signed.

    Even better, create a stand-alone player/viewer which plays .enscape files.

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    Thanks a lot for your inquiry jonahhawk .

    You are not the first to request this, so feel free to also further forward your inquiry through our Public Voting Portal:

    Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to use)

    This way our product managers will be made aware of the further demand for this.

    Feel free to generally make use of this tool in the future whenever you wish to forward a feature request.