Suggestions for buying a Laptop for Running rhino + Enscape

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  • Hello ,

    Im thinking about getting a laptop to work with rhino + enscape - Large architectural projects and i was thinking about the GIGABYTE AERO 17 HDR XD - 17.3",

    Does anyone has experience with this brand ? i read is very powerfull considering the price , does anyone has any recomendations for a laptop ? im looking for something powerfull but stylish since i cant take a gaming laptop to a client meeting unfortunately . The link of the computer is below , thank you all !!!…%2Ccomputers%2C365&sr=1-3

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    jeronimolobo , that's a great machine for Enscape!

    The RTX 3070 is very well suited for Enscape so you'll also have a great experience. No objections on my part - Only perhaps that if you ever plan to use VR in larger scenes, you may want to go for something more powerful like a 3080 (Ti) or even 3090. If VR is not of interest for now, or you can reduce some projects in scale before using VR, then feel free to go with your suggestion.

  • Demian ,

    Thank you so much for your response , actually VR might be the next step for me since i have been doing a lot of animations for architectural projects and they love also to be able to do a live walk tour on them. Do you have any suggestions ? powerfull but not a gamer laptop ,

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    jeronimolobo , anything with a 3080 or 3080 Ti, or if the budget allows, the 3090 are great for Enscape VR actually - The CPU itself should be fast enough anyway in a laptop with the listed cards above (if you buy a prebuilt model), but make sure to go with at least 32 - 64 GB of RAM as well.

    If you find any specific models, feel free to share them with me here too and I can let you know directly whether or not they would be suited. :)