Japanese Assets - Your Wishes!

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  • Hi everyone!

    We are currently evaluating a dedicated Japanese Asset Package because we are introducing Japanese as a new language to Enscape.

    Do you have any requests that you would like to see in that package? We are looking for ideas that are not too special and can be useful for a lot of our customers.

    DISCLAIMER: We know that one of the most requested things are more diverse people, especially Asian people assets. As we already know that, there is no need to mention it below! Thanks. :)

    It would be very helpful if you can add some more details to your requests. The more details the better for us to decide which assets are going to be added in this first package. (e.g. pictures, use case, location where asset is used, etc.)

    Happy to read through all your requests.


  • Hello,

    My initial recommendation would be focused around the following items that could be universally applied across other project types and locations as well:

    Transportation: High-Speed Rail (Japan as a world leader here), Light Rail, Bus, Scooter, Moped, Bicycle. Particularly the diversity of types of bicycles.

    Many locations in Japan make heavy use of bicycle transportation and the diversity of types of bicycles (not just road bikes or mountain bikes) such as bicycles with baskets, cargo racks, child trailers, rain hats/shields, etc would be a welcomed addition to the asset library and could help in populating other world locations such as Amsterdam and Portland, Oregon, Montreal, etc. that also have many bicycle commuters and culture embedded in both their urban and rural fabrics.

    Vegetation: Japan has lots of unique vegetation and much of it is sought after and can be grown in similar climates across the world. Some of these plants and trees are covered in the existing asset library but a dedicated expansion in this area would be welcomed! Some examples are mosses, ferns, maples, "thin/delicate" trees (think less large oak and more young, supple delicate branches that have a light or feathery look to them) Diversity of stones and particularly darker stones/boulders, some with more rounded forms and others with more angular/jagged/sculptural features. Stones covered in moss, etc.

    Additionally vegetation should rarely/possibly never be potted. The pots and vegetation ideally would be separated allowing greater opportunity to mix and match vegetation/pots with different types or custom assets or to use potted vegetation as landscape or larger planter box collection (many artists use some the of the potted plants and "bury" the pots in the larger planter or soil in their renderings to have better control over the vegetative styling without being distracted by pots that are very subjective in how clients and artists perceive them.

    Garden Accessories/Gardner Tools: Hard to not mention the beautiful gardens and plants in Japan even just threshold/stoop gardens at homes are often well maintained and curated. Rain boots, rubber shoes, tools, buckets, etc. could be utilized across many other project types and locations.

    Traditional: Japan also has such distinctive traditional craft, architecture, and cultural aspects. Certain styles of hand built timber frame construction, Cypress wood furniture, stone carving, rock gardens, etc. just to name a very few.
    Pottery: Pots both fired and unfired or work in progress states would be utilized in many projects to populate potters/studios and used for plantings and interior and exterior decoration.
    Simple items such as tea ceremony, kettles, house shoes, whisk brooms, wooden baths and bathing utensils/accessories, etc would compliment residential and hospitality projects well. Floor cushions/Floor Chairs, Tatami mats(maybe this would be better as a material), etc.

    Technology: transportation as mentioned above, robotics and robotic arms/industrial manufacturing, digital screens, advertisements, public street vending machines, and then building technology that even many traditional residences have such as more mini split hvac systems, water catchment/filtration, etc. electrical socket and light switch style.

    Food: Packaged foods and drinks, casual foods/plating, and finer dining foods/plating. Plates and food on plates could even be separate assets. Greater representation of sea food, noodles, wagyu, etc.

    Thank you all! <3

  • Hello!
    How did it go with this? Has it been released yet? :)

    Hi rovmo, yes the first package already has been released. If you have more dedicated requests to the topic of Japanese content you can gladly use our Enscape Portal to submit your idea! https://portal.productboard.com/enscape3d/7-enscape-portal