Save Previous Sun/Environment Settings and Last Known Location

  • A QOL improvement where if you close enscape - the sun time of day, angle, etc stay as they were since last closed. I'm unsure why the current preset option doesn't include these settings? Is it just me?

    And also, your last location since you closed enscape to be saved - i often find myself wanting to tweak something of course after I close the program and then need to fiddle around with the environment settings and set back up in my desired location. It never really ends up looking quite the same even though i have created presets.

    A 'save location' option would be quite cool, even having these settings become preset saves which you can access within enscape.

  • Just read some other posts and i understand now theres the view management system in enscape - exporting the location + by the looks of it environment settings.

    I guess this is the solution - but still would like all these environment settings/presets to be included in the current preset system.

    And last location to be saved without manually doing the above^^