Stationary (non-HMD) VR

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    Are there options to redirect Enscape VR Output to stationary VR installations such as a 3D Powerwall, driven by side-by-side or quad-buffered stereo and used with active stereo shutter glasses? A related question would then be if there is support for respective HID devices, such as head trackers for camera position/direction and handheld controllers tracked via professional tracking solutions such as A.R.T?

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  • Doron Goldfarb , welcome to our Forum and thank you for your inquiry.

    While others may of course chime in, we're not aware of any way to achieve what you are looking for at the moment. Our focus (currently and in the future) is on VR devices, and that may not change anytime soon I'm afraid.

    Still, you can forward any of your wishes through our dedicated Enscape Public Voting Portal:

    Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to use)

    This way our product management team will see directly what kind of Feedback you're sharing.