Skybox with white ground

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  • Hi,

    The default skybox has a grey ground plane, This is ok for views that look above the horizon, however there are many instances in which a view needs to be angled towards the ground which does not have site context This results in an image with a strong and dull grey ground plane that is in sharp contrast to the sky - rendering it useless for presentation. The only solution for this kind of view is to select a white background - however the image immediately loses context and depth and feels very bland and 2D.

    I realise that custom skyboxes can be added, however a default skybox that shows a sky with a white ground plane would surely look much better and give some depth and a small hint of realism.



  • I understand where you're going... but I kind of like the ability (as in TwinMotion) to apply a material to the ground plane and set its height relative to the model.

    I have been constantly increasing the amount of CONTEXT I add to my models... partly for this reason.

    Hoping they actually get the SITE MAP idea working... Tried it today and it's got a way to go before it's useful.

  • Thank you for the feedback and request bungle , feel free to please forward everything through our Enscape Public Voting Portal:

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    The same applies to anyone else who wishes to share their Feedback with us. DGD-Duane , since the site map feature is still heavily work in progress, we'd appreciate any detailed input we can receive.