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  • Hi, I've been working on enscape on a personal license,Ive been trying to get my Company to pick it up, but the main issue is the grass.It's not realistic enough. My boss won't even budge, The only way is to use a plugin like scatter. Are there any plans in the roadmap to improve the grass?

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    Hi, I've been working on enscape on a personal license,Ive been trying to get my Company to pick it up, but the main issue is the grass.It's not realistic enough. My boss won't even budge, The only way is to use a plugin like scatter. Are there any plans in the roadmap to improve the grass?

    I'm sorry to hear about this.

    Feel free to answer jtubb 's questions above.

    Plus, can you perhaps share some of the existing results that you have shown your boss? I would love to have a look at how our grass looks in your renderings/live output.

    Be aware that it's also recommended to use a dedicated grass texture, which you can also find in our Enscape Material Library -> Grounds (still setting the type to grass of course) and not just a single color - This may make the grass look rather plain and unrealistic indeed in some scenes/perspectives, so perhaps you haven't tried that yet? Let me know!

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    My Company is Currently using D5 renderer. Find Attached Sample.

    It would be very helpful if you could also give me an answer to my questions above just so I can assist you further. :)

    Also, this is an example of a rather typical scene (one of our SketchUp example projects) which has our Grass applied to the ground without a grass ground texture and just a plain color:

    Does this look unacceptable to you/your chef? If so, let me know of course - Otherwise, feel free to share some of your renderings as well, please.

    As mentioned, you can also use one of our Grass Materials instead which gives it a bit more character and variety, or as shown by MatthiasL just above me use Scatter alongside the provided Scatter-Grass-Materials which are also available in our Material Library.

  • So my initial thought to this is that the Scale of the grass is off and with improper scale, the realism is lost. I believe you can make a solid agreement with your boss about the use of Enscape however, the same argument can be made with D5 Render. Today all render engines are amazing and it really comes down to experience and understanding of details. Rendering is an art form and like good artists, you need good references to blur the line or what one thinks is real and what looks real.
    You can look at both galleries of Enscape and D5 and you'll see that the quality exists in either engine. I personally don't have experience using D5 but with Enscape the grass function is simple and looks great. Realism is subjective and, personally, if your boss believes the example you have shared to be realistic then we are at opposite ends of that spectrum. This is of course no offense to the creator of this render (you or your boss). I have clients that have taken with I believe to be quite a compelling image and wrap it into an over-saturated mess but to them, it was "realistic"

    Enscape is great and with one click can produce good results. However, to get an image that you see published on Enscape or some Arch blog websites there are thousands of clicks being made.

  • To elaborate further you can also use the SKP freehand tool along with "Generate unique texture" to make "grass zones" w/ different height/variance, for example around borders:

    Add some fallen leaves to break it up a bit - done:

    Yes, all of this is not as super realistic as high poly models distributed with Skatter, on the other hand realtime performance should be considered.

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    Thank you for your help. I sure did learn a lot...I will try and convince the team at work to try it out. One thing I like about Enscape is its ease of use and the ability to make changes without leaving an app like Archicad or Sketchup.

    Glad to hear that - Feel free to share your renderings with us in the future here for example, so that others and I can give you some further tips and tricks or improvement suggestions. That is what the community is there for of course.

    Looking ahead, you can also share them in our Showcase section or Work in Progress area if you wish to receive Feedback about the whole scene.

  • Hello fellow Enscapers.

    Skip here.

    I hope this finds yous all well and happy.

    I am a bit frustrated at the moment.

    Just a wee bit more than that I am afraid, to be honest.

    As my story goes, I come here looking for answers from yous talented peoples, because the grass in my first render in Enscape looks like it has some sort of terrible disease. It is clumpy and full of these odd little void-a-roos. Where is the beautiful grass from all the beautiful renders I saw from yous in the gallery?

    Here is a screen shot to show yous what I see, and after many frustrating minutes, trying many different settings, left and right and all over the place, this is the best looking grass I have been able to achieve so far. As you can see it is ever bit as terrible as I mention. It looks a wee bit as lumpy and bumpy as my own yard, and a bit as ugly as my ex-wife, but I didn't say that, and if this was an actual house, on an actual street, you may say to yourself, that looks a lot like Skip's yard. Not exactly the look me's clients are looking for when yous trying to sell the dream - eh? I am a bit embarrassed to show this to my clients to be honest and I feel I may have to end up breaking out my photoshop skills (nothing too impressive I assure you) as none of the tricks I have read in these forums seem to fix'r up. Not exactly the results I was expecting or hoping for out of Enscape. Surely, I must be doing something wrong wouldn't you say?

    Last years I was using Lumion and the grass was excellento (at least for what I need). Here is a screen shot of the grass from one of my Lumion renders for yous to see, and in my humbly opinion, I feel this grass looks much, much better and all my clients love, love, love it. Skip you are a superstar - here's lots of money, they say. Life is good. Drinks on me! The Lumion grass looks well manicured, healthy, and appealing. Bada bing, bada boom! Exactly what you want when you are marketing new homes and selling the dream. There is no clumping and voids in the grass like there is in Enscape. Why so?

    I have tried different lighting scenarios, etc. like I have seen suggested in these here forums. I have tried different grass textures, me's and Enscapes, and that doesn't seems to helps either. Maybe my graphics card capabilities?? but I am using the same computer that made the Lumion render - so what gives? I don't feel I should have to use fancy skatter techniques in SketchitUP or do a lot of trickery in photoshop to get good results. It should just be good right out of the box, no? Like Lumion! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. What dos you alls think am I missing or what dos yous think I need to do to get better results?

    Thanks and Cheers!


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  • Yipper do! Must be the curse of that cyber witch whos been creepin' around these parts. Always casting spells and causing all sorts of mischief she is. Heres yous go young chaps and a many, many thanks thereafter.

    Enscaper grass all be bumpy lumpy

    Lumion grass all fine and dandy

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    I'll sing my little' jig - D' Do! I'll sing it loud for you . . .

  • Hi to All. I can share some small improvement that I use. There was a my post about grass qality, but without notable answer(((. SoI had to improve it myself...

    Just go to ENSCAPE folder: on my PC it is C:\Users\kiselev\AppData\Local\Programs\Enscape\Renderer\SystemData\Textures\Enscape\Common

    and replace grass.png with my one:…0TKBXPnfm5yNg3huqmDNC8tek

    Moste disappointing feature of Enscape grass is stright base line. In my grass it is fixed

  • I noticed bad grass performance (especialy on border areas) in present time versions

    Yes, it seems they have yet to take a second look at their grass png or how it populates. I asked Demian if he knows when the last time they adjusted it and he hasn't answered. It would not be a huge change, but to just tweak that host png. Or maybe have a couple options for grass...Make it not so bumpy lumpy, right Skip?

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    Abu , I remember our discussion a while ago where you've compared the old and newer grass and it ultimately boiled down to a matter of preference, albeit also a change in perceived density as a result, that I agree on. Still, if you are also making use of SketchUp, you may want to instead populate the scene with the provided grass-scatter material instead. I am also referring to the post from MatthiasL above where he showcased what is possible using scatter.

    jnurnberger , my apologies for missing that question - It's been a while since the underlying grass texture has been adjusted since we settled on this specific look, but for now, there is no info I could give regarding when this will be further updated or how. When it generally boils down to having more dense grass, or any adjustments you'd like to see in the future, all I can kindly ask is that you please forward all of your concerns and thoughts to product management directly through our Voting Portal. We always appreciate that.

    The same applies to you of course Abu , and if you haven't already, make use of Scatter but bear in mind though that this will have more of an influence on your performance compared to our normal grass.