Enscape for revit edit textures in viewport

  • Pretty sure this thread already exists but I couldn't find any information on this.

    Right now to me, the feature witch would be great for Enscape for Revit is the capability to edit materials inside the Enscape vewport.

    It's such pain in the *** to have to edit materials through Revit material windows which is not great as Revit users know.

    Another thing great would be the possibility to edit uv map with a gizmo just like in 3ds max or any serious 3d modeler (even SketchUp can make it).

    I know that editing something inside Enscape has to be link to Revit model but you Enscape team guys already did it with the last version and the capability to edit assets inside viewport. Doing the same with materials would be a game changer for Enscape for Revit!