SketchUp & Enscape -an unbeatable combination

  • I ask me, why the liquid looks solid and I found, that the refraction of a full and an empty glass is the same. The liquid look is determinate by color and upper liquid surface.

    It would be nice, if the refraction system could be enhanced. I would like to get the thin glass automatic as an option. Also it would be nice if liquids could be calculated like at other render engines - if the liquid is scaled so that it intersect the glass, than there will no reflection of the liquid surface calculated and they looks like one solid object. Thomas Willberger Could it be set on the wish list please?

  • I like to color the inside face while keeping the outside transparent. It creates a drink that you can't see through completely but I throw some ice cubes in (with the same technique, coloring the inside wall, the same color as the drink but a couple ticks grey-er and lighter. The ice cubes give it that see through feeling even though it isn't. With this technique, you can have basically any color of drink and as dark/light as you wanted.

  • Looks great, most from far distance. Close up the glass looks hollow, for example the massive bottom looks wrong.

    I hope someone of the Enscape team will find some interest to discuss this classic visualization task and try to find a solution. ;)

    Here two ways it could work. Left - classic approach without automatic thickness, the liquid intersect the glass. Render engines like Vray can handle the glass-liquid-situation, if the surface normals are set like shown. Advantage - the liquid can be easy animated and there are no problems with coplanar polygons. Right - maybe this could work for Enscape: a glass based on automatic added thickness plus a solid liquid. The "solid" feature is missing at Enscape and I hope there will be a way, maybe for stills and animations.

    If we could get -solid- glass/liquid than very simple full bottles could be created per a single surface model. I used this method per Vray to keep the render times short. It works well for bottles in one color (no extra color for the liquid), for example mineral water bottles or green wine bottles with white wine.

    Here a Vray test render of a single surface bottle with liquid. Could be a good deal for real time use.

  • Micha Glass and Liquids are a difficult topics for a real-time rendering solution. As we want to provide the best possible solution, we as well want to optimize it.

    There's no deadline on it as I think there are more important functional/workflow beneficial features on our agenda.

  • Jonathan Knoefel I did some further tests and think, I understand, what you mean. Enscape is a real time VR tool and not a replacement for classic render engines. What we see, isn't the same like we have seen at other engines in the past. The effects we see now based on good looking "fakes" and can't be easy handled like the classic physical calculations. Good luck for the optimizations of the clever "fakes". ;)