Point clouds, VR and measurement

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  • Hello there. This has been requested a few times I think once from me but I had now a good idea to make this idea even more profitable.

    If we had a VR walkthrough ability through point clouds with the function to measure the distance ( as the controllers are registered in the 3D space it shouldnt be that hard to get measuremenets)

    This would especially help with old buildings that are further away from the office working on it and making a whole new workflow possible with one person measuring the details of the rooms that are harder to be seen in the point cloud and the other one modelling it.

    I think this could be a great feature for enscape opening up to a new market as well not only new designing!

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    Thank you Kristof95 for your suggestions - Please feel free to also forward them to product management directly through our voting portal:

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    Much appreciated. :) If anything else comes to mind, forward it whenever as well!