Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to forward/upvote Feature/Asset Requests directly)

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    Enscape Public Voting Portal - Click here to access.

    What is the purpose of this portal?

    With this portal, we want to provide a platform to communicate with our users in both directions about requested features.

    On the one hand, this will help us to plan upcoming features with more information. On the other hand, users are able to inform themselves about what is developed.

    What will you find in this portal?

    There are currently three tabs in this portal:


    Contains relevant features that were released in the latest version

    In Development

    Contains features that are right now working on. Most of the time this means that it will be released in the next version.

    Under Consideration

    Contains feature requests that we need more information to make decisions on it.

    Please note that you will not find every feature request that we are tracking on this portal. This would just be too overwhelming.

    How do I submit feedback?

    Every tile you can see represents a feature. If you click it, you can read the description.

    At the bottom, you will find a criticality rating. If you select which criticality applies to you on this feature, you will also be able to add a description.

    After submitting it, you will receive a verification mail that you need to react to. Otherwise, we will not receive your feedback.

    How do I add a new request?

    If you don’t find the feature you are looking for, don’t worry. Chances are good that we already track it. But in any case, we want to encourage you to send the request.

    In the upper right corner, you will find a ‘Submit Idea’ button. If you click it you will be able to describe your idea, add how critical it is to you and send it over to us.

    In case you have any further questions regarding this new portal, feel free to post them in this thread below.