Web Standalones on Smartphones

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  • Hello Enscape users,

    Web standalones are currently not working on smartphones.

    Do we have an update on when that could be coming out?

    I think it would be huge for enscape if that happens.

    In the meantime, does anyone have any alternatives?

    I know we have panoramas, but I’d love an option to explore the whole project in one link.

    Any help?

    Thank you!

    • Official Post

    Scale Architecture , there is no ETA currently as to when our web standalones will also work on mobile devices - With the release of Enscape for Mac, they may very well run better on iOS devices eventually (because of a different solution we may offer), but I cannot say much about that either yet. Feel free to, as always, forward your Feedback to PM directly through our portal.

    Also, an alternative may actually be a dedicated panorama tour:


    https://www.3dvista.com/en/ (This is a solution which some users in this Forum have been using very sucesfully)

    Hope that helps!

  • Is there a faq on the limitations or best practises of the standalones?... beyond the 1 page about it? Ive noticed that it doesn't respect section planes when switching scenes and doesn't respect panning in for closeups on other scenes? What is the proper methods of preparing the standalones and what limitations need to be noted when going about creating one?