Is there a way to turn lights on during the day ?

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  • Hello,

    I have a light source, and it only goes on during the night. What do I need to change on the material for it to be always on ? I changed it to maximum lumens but that doesn't help.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I've been trying to figure this out for years .

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    JSANDERS , thanks for your inquiry.

    Lights are actually on at all times, it's just that, in most cases, the sunlight crushes the intensity and output of the lights in your scene including emissive sources - Generally, the more sunlight entering an interior scene (depending on the Sun's brightness setup in the Atmosphere tab as well), the less visible your light sources will be. You may still want to try increasing the brightness overall through the Atmosphere tab in our Visual Settings -> Artificial Light Brightness.

    If that doesn't do the trick, which it may not depending on the setup, can you perhaps share some examples (screenshots) with me in which I can see this behavior in your specific scenes?

  • I find a sun setting of 25-35% and an artificial light setting at full (200%) gets lights easily visible during day time. Currently with how exposure is calculated the sun pretty much overpowers everything otherwise. That said it could be argued that most lights aren't actually visible in brightly sunlit rooms - but still, I find Enscape's "camera" over-exposes the sun like a traditional camera would vs what the human eye does.

    Also, you shouldn't rely on lighting using only emissive materials. Light using actual revit light objects, which support shadow casting. Emissive materials are nice as an accent light (wall glow from a sconce, stair lighting, etc) but the lighting they use is pretty basic, will cause splotches if used too bright/excessively, and are easily drowned out by actual light sources like the sun + revit lights.

  • Interesting. I -also- typically put my sun at 30% (plus or minus) when setting lights for internal rooms.

    "Also, you shouldn't rely on lighting using only emissive materials."

    Emissive materials typically shouldn't be used to light spaces. They are only to show that they emit light. I near always add a seperate enscape light to go with any emitting materials. I.e. if i make a light bulb (or tv/laptop screen etc) emit from the bulb to show that the light is actually on, i will then add an escape globe light or appropriate enscape light to light the actual scene around the bulb. Lights are generally a 2 part process for me of making somethign emit to show a light is actually on and the source and then adding the enscape light to do the actual work.