Privacy and Enscape Cloud

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  • Is there a link to the privacy policy of content placed on the Enscape cloud?

    We work on some very confidential projects and I have been asked about ownership of images placed on the cloud.

    In addition, it would be great to be able to add some level of security/restricted access to a link (passcode, whitelisted emails, etc)


    • Official Post

    Hello mpotoka , our EULA currently only contains, among other things, a statement on how much content may be uploaded generally. But, we will further concretize this subject in our EULA with the release of Enscape 2.4, which will be around October.

    In any case, the customer always keeps full rights to his panoramas. We take care that your panoramas are stored safely and become only accessible via the provided link which you'll receive after uploading. We ourselves do not use the uploaded data for any other purposes.

    In the future, we'll also implement a functionality allowing you to administrate your panoramas, as in, make them password protectable.