Revit - Enscape textures not aligning

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  • Hi guys we are having a problem with trying out enscape in our office while using revit.

    Everything is working fine except for when we have tricky wall/roof junctions we cannot get the cladding textures to align.. on certain parts of the designs. We really want to use enscape due to its ease and quality of producation however this will not be possible if we cannot align claddings as it is a very obvious issue.

    See example pic below where we have a wall with a cladding texture, we then paint the side of the roof above this wall in revit to give the illusion that the cladding runs up there. Because of revits poor UV mapping this makes the enscape texture not aligned. (see pic) This also happens when we have tricky wall junctions in 2 storey houses where the house has not been modelled as one clean wall.

    I understand enscape follows what is shown in revits realistic view mode. However we cannot get the textures to align in this view on revit, only the shaded view option with the model lines we can then use the align tool to get the cladding to match, but enscape does not work off this view mode so it does not help us.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get past this issue, we could model the walls as one clean face in revit which would solve the issue in enscape but it is considerably more time consuming and difficult in some designs to achieve.

    Is there possibly something I am missing or is this just an issue people ignore?

    We have used twinmotion where we do not have this issue as we can paint the faces using a cubic UV map which then ignore revits misaligned textures and bases it off the plane itself.

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated as I have googled for hours and cannot find a solution.

  • Assign a model pattern (concurrent to the edges of the material texture) to the material and use this model pattern to adjust the location of the material on the wall such that they align. Uusing model patterns in conjunction with textures provides the most predictable workflow to adjust the UV mapping of textures in Revit.…-revit-enscape-phil-read/