Hard crash on Asset placement

  • Hi There,

    I've logged a couple of incident reports, but any version above 3.1.2 55592 is hard exit crashing ArchiCAD as soon as I click apply (from Enscape window) or click to place an asset in the ArchiCAD view.

    This is the new asset browser/placement system.

    The weird thing is, I have multiple files that this instantly (all 5 files I've tried apart from one), reliably and repeatedly crashes with, however I have a single file that seems to still work fine with the new asset browser.

    Does anyone have any good ideas? I'm not sure why a legacy ArchiCAD file issue would be causing a hard close/crash in the Enscape asset placement system???

    Win 10x64 R5900X, 32GB DDR4, Asus RTX 3080, ArchiCAD 23 3003 Aus Full (legit), Nvidia 511.79 (latest).

    Occurs on any 3.2+ Enscape version I try.

    I have to roll back to 3.1 to stop the crashing, and this is frustrating as I can't resize/transform the assets at all, etc.

  • Hey Thiefsie , right away it would be great if you could kindly send us a Feedback report as detailed here - Gladly also let me know once you've submitted it accordingly and I'll have a look.

  • Hi There, yes I've done a couple under my work address james.hc@webs**********cture.com.au about 24 hours ago.

    Thanks a lot - You have already received a reply/question from a colleague of mine.

  • Can confirm the issue is still happening with:

    • Version: 3.3.0-preview.6+70602

    Enscape support has confirmed it's a bug from their end apparently and they are working on a fix.
    In the meantime I'm forced to run version 3.1.2 if I'm doing asset placement.