I have a few questions/issues I need help with

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been introduced to Enscape recently and I absolutely love it, I wish it had more animated stuff as the water and trees add life to the renders I just wish there were more items such as blinking lights or fire.

    Either way, amazing job,

    Now for the questions,

    1- Closed rooms are not dark, when I create a room with no gaps or windows, the whole thing is lit up no matter what I do, is there a way to make the rooms dark during the day ? (Ultra render quality still the same)

    2- Mirrors and reflective glass ignores everything and only reflects the clouds and the background (white cubes)

    3- I have been plumaged with the insane loading time and random pc restarts on render , despite the fact that I have not changed anything in the model. if anyone can tell me where I cant get the crash report as the compute I use enscape on is a company pc and does not have internet connection.

    Thank you very much.