"Scene Style" From Creating View Via Enscape Window vs. Sketchup Scene Creation

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  • Hello,

    When using the Enscape window to create a new view it generates a new corresponding scene within sketchup and assigns a new style to these created scenes.

    Now, this is minor, but this newly created style shows edges and profiles enabled by default.
    Profiles do not need to be shown as they are strictly graphic where as edges allow you to select and manipulate corresponding geometry and most users leave edges on.

    In my experience profiles only create more lines for your GPU to anti alias and render and muddle up the visual depicting of what is editable geometry edges vs "visual style".
    Being that the user in this case would already be utlizing Enscape for visualization I think it is safe to assume the user only needs sketchup for modeling/scene building and does not need it to be stylistically appealing or unique.

    The first thing I do upon creating a new Enscape view is disable profile edge rendering, right click on the scene tab in sketchup, update style, update all with this style to ensure any previous or new views created do not show profile lines.

    This is a very minor thing but I am curious if there is a reason for this or if this could be removed in the future from the default scene style that Enscape views create initially.

    Even better would be to allow the user to select the default style that Enscape views create though this isn't necessary.

    Thank you all for your thoughts!

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    Thanks for the Feedback mvollrath and for bringing this up for discussion - As usual, we'd be grateful if you could also forward any of your thoughts and wishes for the future through our Voting Portal. This doesn't mean that we want to remove any discussion from this Forum here of course, but the portal still allows you to forward anything to product management directly this way.