Problem viewing panorama views on mobile device

  • Sketchup 2020

    Enscape 3.2.0


    I normally create panorama views, upload them to the cloud then share a link with clients for viewing. I email them a link and also a PDF of the floor plan with the QR Code embeded. The idea is to print the floorplan and then point the phone camera at the QR code to access the pano.

    I have two clients right now both with iPhones and they aren't able to make the links work nor can they use the QR codes. Both are new devices like iPhone 12. If they receive the email on their PC, the links work fine.

    If I email it to myself, the links work fine (Samsung device).

    Any help is greatly appreciated,


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    JSC , I'm sorry to hear about that - Right away, is there a chance to send me one of these problematic panoramas which do not seem to run on iPhones? Also, is there a chance that those panoramas were also exported using "High" resolution output? Or otherwise put, does it help if you try to view some which were exported in "Normal" resolution instead?

    Thank you in advance, and I appreciate the cooperation.

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    JSC , at least currently this is a known problem, with no outlook of being fixed easily soon though, so we do recommend referring to "normal" resolution panoramas indeed, which shouldn't make a big difference quality-wise when viewed on an iPhone screen anyway.