How to properly manage Materials? (getting "_1" duplicates)

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  • Is there an "official" way to manage Enscape materials? I get a lot of "duplicate" material names imported into the SketchUp Material library. For example, I have a wood material from the Enscape materiel library "Wood 17" but it is duplicated elsewhere in the model as "Wood 17_1". I can see that the Albedo .png is appended with a "_0" on the duplicate material in the Material Editor.

    Likely happening from frequently cop/pasting models and components to and from the models updates and changes happen. Can't we just specify a folder on our workstation where Enscape stores all of the materials?

  • You could use the cleanup3 plugin within sketchup to merge duplicate materials if you run into this a lot

    CleanUp³ | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

    I use that extension frequently, but usually only to move geometry to layer0. Wasn't sure what the "merge identical materials" would actually do in terms of how it deemed which materials to be identical. I've been using Material Replacer when I see the duplicate, which works. But I obviously am doing some sloppy...

    For now, I'm trying to be more conscious of importing models that have materials matching to target model. I.e.- sometimes I copy/paste a component from a previous model that might have had some material tweaks.

  • I don't know what the logic is for what is a duplicate , but if you try importing the same enscape texture into a model multiple times, then renaming each one, the plugin merges them.

    (I just gave it a go as I've never given it a thought about how it works)

    I guess even just merging duplicate RGB triplets means there are 16million+ possible combos, so the chances of erroneous merging must be small

    The plugin is super useful, one of my most used!

    I use these settings reguarly