Megascan Assets do not work in Enscape

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  • Hi,

    I tried bringing in Megascan assets through Transmutr. But when I started enscape, they simply showed up as proxies

    Is there any way for these to work on Enscape?

    They however work with Vray as shown below

    I also noticed that the Chaos Cosmos assets do not work with Enscape.

    • Official Post

    manishpaulsimon , the megascan assets you wish to import may simply be too complex and thus cause problems. Can you let me know how large one of these assets is (in terms of megabytes)? In general, our Assets in this case for example are highly fine-tuned to look good while being as performant as possible. Even just a couple of external assets which are too high polygon may result in crashes, performance problems, or even issues like seen above.

    Also, we may be able to support Chaos Cosmos assets in the future, especially due to the merge of course, but we'll also have to look into how suitable they are for Enscape's real-time output.