Enscape for FormIt 2022

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  • Please prioritize the development of Enscape for FormIt. I foresee an exponential increase in demand for Enscape for FormIt due to:

    a) Recent improvements that Autodesk has made that dramatically improve interoperability with Revit 2022 (and Sketchup) as well as raw functionality.

    b) Sketchup's insane licensing model which is driving companies to transition to FormIt.

    c) The fact that FormIt is included with Autodesk's AEC software bundle (virtually free).

    Our company is pushing FormIt with a long term goal of eliminating Sketchup in order to improve design/ documentation workflows (interoperability with Revit).

    Workaround Note: Import a Sketchup file into FormIt, then Import the FormIt file into Revit and render with Enscape.

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    Vimana , I appreciate the Feedback, and welcome to our Forum.

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  • Hello all, I did a quick test.

    I inserted a bedroom SketchUp model into formit and saved it. I then opened revit, created a new family, and inserted the formit model into revit.

    I open the same bedroom sketchup model using sketchup, exported the file as an OBJ, and created a new custom asset in Enscape using the OBJ file.

    I opened revit and placed both bedroom models side by side into a Revit project. Formit on the left. Custom OBJ asset on the right.

    Below are the Enscape results.

    Sketchup to OBJ is the winner in my opinion. Seems like the formit route loses SOME material maps.

    Has anyone experienced these same results?