Upload Management SketchUp

  • Hello! Would also like to echo GWD comment, Upload Management has always taken about 10 minutes for me, I am in Australia and get 200 megatbits / second.

    Is there any way to store panoramas locally within a folder that we can access without having to go through the upload management window? Would speed up workflow a lot too as there is no way to save multiple panoramas at once which means saving and naming each one individually.

  • The panos ‘are’ saved locally, but….

    They are saved as xml files with the jpg pano as a base64 string within the structure of the xml.

    You can open an xml file in a txt editor without any problems but a code editor such as MS’s VisualStudio Code editor would be best as it’ll display the xml formatting.

    I don’t know about MacOS but in Windows the panos(xml files) are in your Documents folder (I can’t remember the exact subfolder name but it’s got ‘Enscape’ in it so it should be easy to find)

    Saving them as xml isn’t a necessary silly idea as the xml file can (and does) contain a lot more than just the rendered pano, it also contains the project name, camera position, thumbnail image etc.

    I’m trying (unsuccessfully sadly) to write my own little utility to batch save the panos, I know what I want it to do and I know it can be done but I don’t have the coding skills to execute it.

    What we need is a better pano manager that’ll make saving panos AS JPG’s much easier. I’ve made the request in the Portal but more of us need to ask for it to bring it up the priority list.

    Over the past few days I’ve finished 4 pano tours, 2 with 22 panos each and the other 2 with 30, that’s 104 panos manually saved and named not counting the re-renders due to errors and edits….. that’s on top of the 40+ tours I’ve previously completed……I really really REALLY want a better pano management interface.