Students not receiving Academic Licenses

  • Hello,

    I teach Enscape at Bellevue College near Seattle, Washington. In the past, when my students have ordered their Academic Licenses, they have received them immediately. However, this quarter, there were a small group of students who reported getting no response when they submitted. Some of these were tracked down to finding their information in junkmail, etc. However, we could not determine what happened with the others. This seems to be a new issue. Any general ideas of what might be happening or how students should troubleshoot?


    Diane Dieterich

  • Hey dldieterich2 - Thanks a lot for your post.

    Some students may, unfortunately, currently receive their license later than usual after submitting their renewal/first submission request - We're doing our best to get things up to speed again, but for now we can only ask for more patience.

    To any student who does not receive their license even after a couple of weeks/months, simply let them contact to request the current status, just in case something also might have gone wrong during the submission process.

  • Demian,

    Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately, if students are just taking this class for a quarter, it is very difficult if they don't receive their licenses quickly especially now when they are often working remotely at home. Why do the majority seem to receive them automatically, while others do not? How can I assist students who should be working on their final projects now using your software yet haven't received them? Is there anyway to share a general license code with instructors that we could pass along to students?

    Thanks so much!

    Diane Dieteich

  • dldieterich2 , some students get approved automatically due to certain e-mails (e-mail domains) we whitelisted - We're in the process of making sure that these automatic renewals are becoming more and more frequent as well though.

    Furthermore, please feel free to contact to inquire about a tutor license in addition/instead with as many seats as you like/require. You can gladly just add in the e-mail what you posted here, and the corresponding department will get back to you again as quickly as possible.

  • dldieterich2 - 非常感谢您的帖子。

    不幸的是,有些学生在提交续订/首次提交请求后,目前可能会比平时更晚收到他们的许可证 - 我们正在尽最大努力让事情再次加快速度,但现在我们只能要求更多的耐心。

    对于即使在几周/几个月后仍未收到许可证的任何学生,只需让他们联系 以请求当前状态,以防万一也有在提交过程中出错。

    Is China's education mailbox OK?

  • Is China's education mailbox OK?

    I am not entirely sure if I understand the question, but in any case, please also contact if you wish to inquire about a tutor license. Otherwise, if you simply wish to receive a single EDU license instead, make sure to signup here if you haven't already.