Panorama Naming

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  • Ok, I know this has been brought up over the years (after searching the forums) but how can this not have been resolved, especially now with batch rendering???

    I have just done a panorama presentation of a house with different states of demolition and with the various options all setup as staging in 3Dvista - there were about 78 panos all together exported from Enscape.

    The downloaded file looses all reference to the original view name????? Why? How can this be acceptable 'still'? (or am I missing something?????)

    I had to go through all the different views and all the different subtle versions and work out which was which.......

    Surely this is such a basic requirement of any program???? and the info is already in there!

    I am hoping I am just being stupid and this can already be done, and am more than happy to be made a fool :D but I dont believe it is

    I love Enscape for its quality of render and pano export size, but I am about to embark on a huge project of 100's+ of panos, and this will be a deal breaker when choosing rendering software to be used.

    All help appreciated

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    Nope you're not wrong, the scene name isn't saved with the pano.

    Panos are rendered as XML files and only become a jpg when you save them from within the view manager.

    I've submitted an idea here:…bs/17-under-consideration (top right of page) to add the Scene name to the XML file that's created when the pano is rendered. This would be the 1st step to being able to save the panos WITH the scene name within the filename.

    The obvious next step would be to be able to save all the panos in a project in one go.

    I already have an AutoHotKey script that renames batch rendered images, it would be an easy adaption to make it rename panos once I had a folder of them.

    You should also submit your idea/request to add weight.

    Here's a screenshot of the head of a typical pano XML file:

    As you can see the <ProjectName> is there so I cant see why <SceneName> wouldn't be that hard to add.

  • Thanks for the heads-up Paul.

    I just find it bizarre it can just drop its name like that.

    I will add my 2c's to the 'feature' request