I need suggestions for best VR experience

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  • Hi

    I'm approaching to build a large model for a VR demo walkthrough

    The model is a public building with 3 floors, an external area and many rooms.

    I would like to know how can optimise the model for a fluid VR experience.

    (I will show this with a 1080ti card + Windows Mixerd Reality Headset)

    Do I should optimise the amount of polygons? Or I need to reduce the dimensions of textures? Or I need to reduce the amount of artificial lights?

    What mainly affects on the graphics resources?

    Are there fixed limits to considerate?



    • Official Post

    I'd try to optimize in the following order:

    1. Number of artificial lights (& also their intensity -> lower intensity also means lower influence radius, which will reduce the impact on performance)

    2. Amount of geometry with transparent materials. Especially avoid having too many layers of transparent geometry on top of each other (like modelled doubleglazing windows for example)

    3. Avoid having too much detailed geometry in a single component. Enscape usually deals with high poly counts relatively easy, however if you put too much detail into a single monolithic model it can't cull geometry that is actually not visible at the moment. Also the physics engine in the background will take more time to update.

    Hope that helps :)