Enscape with HTC VIVE Flow ?

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    As far as I know, the Vive Flow is not directly meant to replace a tethered PC VR experience but is instead used with a smartphone and select apps - In any case, Enscape's standalones (nontethered to a PC) will not be supported by this device, just if that was a question on your mind.

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet ,

    We really like Standalone VR. Super nice for clients and comfortable to wear.

    I see that The Quest 2 is not "officially supported"

    So I would like to know what Enscape can do on a Stadalone. Also, the VIVE Flow has a very eye-catchy design. What can be done on it?

    Something on a low quality maybe?

    Thank you!

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    Bogdan , I'm afraid at least currently we do not offer standalones specifically for standalone headsets, but we are aware of the demand for it - What I can also kindly request is that you forward any of your wishes regarding VR or in general through our Voting Portal as that Feedback reaches our product management team directly, which is of course also responsible for features/functions being added.

    At least for now though I can not give you any ETA regarding when we will offer standalone files for standalone headsets, however, some users were already successful with using the Quest 2 with wireless streaming - Which requires a dedicated capable router and of course a PC, so I'm not sure if that would be an option for you, but just so you know.

  • Any solution on the VIVE Flow is very welcome. Our clients are into healthy lifestyle, nature, meditation apps. (very similar to what VIVE is advertising)

    If we try to make them use the heavy gear they will not like it for sure.

    So, even 360's static images might be a solution.

    Otherwise, the API of the Flow is well documented, and we could get consultancy in computer programming if you can guide us into some development.

    I don't know how wireless streaming works, but if you have a quick step-by-step unofficial tutorial, again would be very useful.

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    I'll have to dive a bit deeper into the VIVE Flow, but be aware of course that you can indeed always export any of our generated panoramas as an image file, which should also then be viewable through a dedicated panorama viewer that is available in their applications store (or perhaps even natively).

    Also, when it comes to wireless streaming I can certainly give you a guide when it comes to the Quest 2 at least:


    If any questions come up regarding this, let me know!

    But, I have not been successful with finding a guide for the VIVE Flow, and not entirely sure if they offer an easy method to wirelessly stream PC content into the device. Perhaps it may only be possible to stream from your smartphone, which would make sense given the nature of this device. Again though, I'll dive a bit deeper and let you know if I find out more.

  • Yes, if you can find out more, would be great.

    Solutions could be:

    1. Generated panoramas as image files. (static) Should work with basic app on smartphone.

    2. Wireless streaming from PC (similar to Oculus Q2). Would be great if I could know more certain if this is an option, because I can get one headset and try to test. I can just return it if it doesn't work, but It's better to know what to test.

    3. Streaming from smartphone is the best solution. Even on low quality, like the one you get when you see the model in a web browser, when sending a link. Maybe using the browser with the headset could be an option?

    Please let me know if you find out more. I'm quite interested in this device and I could test it and share my results.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Demian Gutberlet

    Do you have any extra info on the Flow? Im still interested in it...

    Hey Bogdan :)

    I have to say that for the most part, the Vive Flow doesn't seem to be suited all too well for Enscape VR unfortunately. Given that our Web Standalones are also not developed for mobile phones, it is unlikely that you'll achieve any good results at least streaming from that device.

    Alongside though there is a way to connect the headset to SteamVR, but only wirelessly - Unfortunately there isn't too much info about this combination out there, at least not anything I was easily able to find guide wise, but you'll find other users playing games this way on the Vive Flow and reporting back that it works fine for the most part. If I had the headset here to test it alongside the software I would be able to tell you more.

    But, this would mean that Enscape VR should work since we are also relying on SteamVR at the moment. Still, I also have to say that we cannot guarantee it'll be either the experience you are looking for or fully working as expected. If you have a chance to test it indeed and just send the device back if you're unhappy, I'd say go for it and give it a shot. I'd love to hear your reports of course and would be happy to assist you as best as possible if you run into problems. Incompatibility issues will likely not be easily resolvable though.


    Overall I just wanted to add once more that if you aren't satisfied with the Flow for whatever reason, the Quest 2 is still basically the ideal headset we can currently highly recommend for viewing panoramas and streaming from both a PC wired or wirelessly.

    Last but not least, please also keep in mind that you'll need a VR-capable router (let me know if you need more specific recommendations) if you want to go the wireless route.

  • Thank you for your detailed reply.

    Still a few questions:

    we are also relying on SteamVR at the moment

    What do you mean by relying on SteamVR? relying for what?

    Aren't you supposed to be a big bad-ass software development company, always looking forwards to testing new gadgets and features? :D

    Seriously now, the high-end VR tech is not much suited for architects. too expensive, too geeky, not portable. Low-mid-range stuff works better with clients.

    (bake the rendered textures and it will look good on low specs on both web and VR)