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  • Hello,

    Will there ever be a way to modify the assets?

    Like changing the materials, colors etc...

    That would be really useful and would allow more flexibility.

    As it is, the assets are only useful if they perfectly match the project in their basic version.

    It's quite frustrating to see that an asset matches in form but not in materials. And to have to do without it for that reason.

    You really need to implement an asset editor in Enscape.

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    Hi BOTOSAUR , right away, without wanting to remove the discussion or feedback at all, feel free to forward any of your requests or wishes to PM directly through our portal here:

    Enscape Public Voting Portal (How to forward/upvote Feature/Asset Requests directly) - News & FAQ - Enscape Community Forum

    Again, this portal should not replace discussions or Feedback in this Forum here, just to make it clear. Even if you forward a request, you can also share it here to let other Forum users chime in for example!

    Furthermore, at least currently there are no plans to allow color/material adjustments of Assets - Which is of course why it's important that you forward your inquiry accordingly so that we can track the demand for it. I wish I had more positive news right now, but if something changes I'll let you know.

    Also, which CAD solution(s) are you mainly using with Enscape?

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    Hi, i'm using sketchup.

    Thanks for letting me know - In this case, you can at least make use of the scaling/stretching tools of SketchUp to already modify Assets this way. Any other wishes you can kindly forward as detailed above. :)

  • There has been a huge demand for this ever since the asset library was introduced. But even though the feature request has had massive support, it has not been adressed. Instead we can look forward to "awesome" stuff, like a new site contex feature that is so full of errors that no one will use it ;) and last time around we got a slower, more difficult way to add assets to a scene (at least if you use sketchup og rhino)...

    As mentioned before. PLEASE focus on making existing features great before moving on to new stuff... So many parts of enscape is just half baked right now:

    - a material library that is missing the most basic features.

    - an asset library with no customization options at all (and very slow)

    - an asset generator that is way too cumbersome to use

    - a video editor that is not working as intended.

    - linked models. this feature could be so much more powerful with just a couple of tweaks.

    but, for some reason none of it is prioritized.

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    I'll forward your Feedback once more Herbo and discuss it internally with PM for sure, and can fully understand the frustration as well - Just to add, we're fully aware of the current state the Video Editor is in and will be overhauling it accordingly. I wish I could give you an ETA yet, I really do but it's not currently possible.

    There'll also be more color/material options to choose from when it comes to the models we provide in the Asset Library, as a first step in the direction of customizing existing Assets a bit further. Grouping/sorting generated custom Assets is also on our agenda.

    I'm also in the process of discussing the slow thumbnail loading when the library is not acquired offline - I can see why this is an annoying part of it at the moment, so we have to see what is technically possible to reduce those loading times at least.

    When it comes to the other flaws you see in the mentioned features (asset generator, linked models), feel free to go into a bit more detail as I can then forward that to PM too for further discussion (although I do already get what you refer to of course for the most part), and I always appreciate your Feedback and time Herbo.