Texture Downsampling too aggressive

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  • I'd like to understand better how Enscape texture downsampling actually works. I've read that large textures are supported but that they are downsampled if GPU memory is low or the place where it is used is small. I have a 16K texture placed on a large wall on the outside of a building. I'd like it do retain a lot of detail, but Enscape downsample it to something that looks less than the 2K version of the same texture. I have plenty of VRAM (24G) which is half empty, so that's not the problem. Why is my texture downsampled so aggressively?

    Left: Original Texture

    Right: Enscape downsampling

    Can we have a slider to downsample less agressively, or even simpler and better:

    Can we please have a switch to disable downsampling completely? I'd like to manually assign texture of different sizes to each asset.

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    Thank you for the Feedback burggraben , please additionally forward your voice through our voting portal - Also, in this case, especially using a 16k texture placed in a scene while zooming into it very closely will make the downsampling a lot more obvious of course. I reckon that when you do zoom out just a bit further this optimization should not be as obvious.

    Still, kindly forward what you detailed as a feature request to product management directly via the portal linked above. I can understand the need for such functionality especially when so much VRAM is available to you.

  • Is there any technical information on how the downsampling works? What size is my 8K or 18K texture downsampled too? It seem smaller than the 2K version.

    How is it influenced by the size parameter of the texture? Currently as a workaround I am trying to make seamless 8K textures which are 2mx2m into seamless 2k 0.5x0.5m textures as the downsampling kicks in less and more details is retained, however this is A LOT of texture work since seamless isn't easy and results in more repetition.

    I know it seems like a small thing. "Just zoom out further, why are you looking at a wall detail?:" But in VR you really explore a space and you get close to things and some wall are important features.

    I don't understand the voting portal. I submit my idea, but it seems to disapear into a void. You probably have to allow them first?

    I know this feature seems low priority since you have bugs to fix and important other things, but it is also very little work. Essentialy introduce a checkmark into settings "Don't downsample textures" and then introduce a large IF statement in your code. Simplified, but essentially this:


    // all downsampling code here


    Please consider it.