Rhino Rendered Viewport

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  • Hi there,

    Is there any way to adjust the Rhino viewport(s) to more accurately display Enscape materials? At the moment all Enscape materials have this highly reflective metallic look when viewed in the Rhino viewports. I've attached pictures of what I mean, one from the Rhino viewport and the other from Enscape. The model on the left side of the picture uses Rhino materials while the one on the right uses Enscape.

    It can get quite tedious having to load large models in Enscape to do quick checks. "Over the shoulder" meetings also happen more often in Rhino and so I have to keep my materials Rhino based or they appear to be made from tin foil. Any help here is appreciated, Thanks.

    • Best Answer

    Ok I've semi-solved this issue. It seems the metallic effect is being caused by the specular value in Enscape. If I set the specular in Enscape to 0 it disappears. Would be great if there was a way to reduce the exaggerated effect of the specular in Rhino's viewport.